Web Development

Web Development encompasses everything that goes into creating a website such as graphic design, photo-editing, page layouts, design themes, creating an online store, and web applications. Every business needs a website that can professionally showcase their company to allow customers to easily navigate throughout their site.

Clutch Digital Development works with a wide range of softwares and platforms to cater to every business’s needs. We can develop very intricate websites that require specialized web applications and customization and we can create professional and affordable websites for small businesses and entrepreneurs that allow them to easily run their site and grow their business.

Web Development Services


WordPress has become our most popular platform to develop websites for businesses.  WordPress allows us to develop and customize your website to fit your exact business needs without having to build the entire website from scratch.  Leveraging the WordPress platform allows us to utilize all the tools and plugins WordPresss offers which streamlines the development process saving you time, money, and resources.

The great part about WordPress is that it is very easy to use which gives clients with little to no technology experience the ability to run and operate their website without any assistance from us.  We offer video tutorials so you can go step-by-step to learn how to manage your business online.

Easy To Use

You don’t need to have a technical background to be able to run your site efficiently.  We offer step-by-step video tutorials to show you how to manage your business online!


We leverage the WordPress platform to create elegant, high performing websites efficiently, saving you money, time, and resources.

Professional Designs

Your site will have great visual appeal with quality UX/UI that will make your website stand out from the competition with excellent user experience.

High Performance

WordPress was developed to give you fast loading website to increase user satisfaction and boost your SEO rankings.

Full Control

You will never be dependent on your website platform again.  You will have full access and control of how your website is built and operated.


Each website is 100% customizable. We can change theme designs, implement layout changes, and even build custom web applications to fit your business needs.

Custom Websites

We can develop fully customizable websites built from the ground up with your business goals in mind. This is ideal for large websites that will receive a substantial amount of web traffic and data use.  This is a perfect option for large corporations or businesses that needs complete creative control of their website.

Custom websites are designed and developed on platforms that will best suit your needs.  When we have the ability to build your website from the ground up, we control how your website is built to increase user functionality, graphic/visual design, and security protocols.  Customized websites are perfect for well-established businesses that know exactly what they need and want to create a website that will grow with their business.

Great For Large Websites

A custom-built website is perfect for businesses that know they are going to get high volumes of site traffic and usage.  This will mitigate any downtime and help increase performance.

Increased Security

With a customized website, we can tailor your security needs to fit your business. You won’t have to stress about unnecessary malware and cyber attacks.

Complete Control

You will be able to get the exact design and functionality you need for your website. You can create customizable back-end/admin functionality so you can run your site the way you need to.

Mobile Applications

We develop mobile applications for businesses to help them reach their audience in the most effective way possible.  Which helps our clients automate their business and marketing efforts.  We create each application to work on all mobile platforms and devices so everyone has access to your application.  If you are interested in getting a free quote or consultation on your mobile application fill out the contact form below.

Designed For All Devices And Platforms

Each mobile application we develop will work on all mobile devices and platforms.  We develop native applications that work on both Andriod and iOS devices and we create applications that are customized for each platform.

Increased Functionality and Accessibility

Get access to specialized features that you can’t get with traditional websites.  Create an application that is easily accessible on your customer’s mobile device.

Increase Marketing Opportunities

Mobile applications give business owners access to deep analytical insight that can’t be fully achieved by standard websites.  You can use this analytical data to increase your marketing efforts.

Upgrade Your Website

If you already have an established website that has been working for you and you want to make some changes or upgrades, then we can help. This is perfect for businesses that have great SEO rankings and steady site traffic that don’t want to lose the work they have already put into their website.  This gives you the chance to add new features that will help automate your business without losing your website’s performance.

Perfect For Well-Established Websites

If your site already has a lot of great SEO built into it, then it is better to improve the website you have than to create a new one.

Increase Security

If you are moving into getting an online store or have been prone to cyber-attacks then you should consider ramping up your security protocols.

Perfect For Rebranding.

If you are looking to rebrand your company with a new logo, color scheme, or general theme for your business, we can help redesign your website to fit your companies new look.

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